The purpose of the Charter is to agree on the rights and duties of each party participating in the events of the association.
It is the tool that defines the operation and interactions between
“Le Roi Uther” association and the companies and between them. It ensures the cohesion of the group.
It is a reference document, alive, founder and useful in case of drift.

“Le Roi Uther” association designates on each event, a steward responsible for ensuring the smooth running of activities.
The participants commit themselves by their behavior to convey to the visitors and the customers “Le Roi Uther” a valorizing image, the costumes must correspond to the specifications. The association Roi Uther in agreement with the leading captains, will be the only one to grant the derogations.
The specifications allow respect for both civilian and military costumes and security around the animations.
The programming schedules must be respected to avoid disturbing the general organization.
Throughout the duration of the contract the participants respect the spirit of the event.
The festive activities, after the closing of the event, are accepted and are part of our values. However they remain under the responsibility of each captain of company and it will not be tolerated any overflow, damaging the image of the project, that of the association
“Le Roi Uther” and the respect of the participants of the event.
Offenders will be liable to the exclusion of the following events


“Le Roi Uther” projects are geared towards customers and the public coming to watch a live and cultural show. They place themselves outside of politics and conflicts related to religions.
Project participants show tolerance and respect for others.
The association King Uther advocates values of benevolence and does not accept conflicts between people, it reserves the right to exclude anyone who does not respect this principle and to reject any application of company not providing the pledges of reasoned functioning in community.
“Le Roi Uther”  attaches great importance to the state of mind of his activities, based on friendliness.
To do this, the association provides a team of volunteers, responsible for the proper functioning and well-being of all.

“Le Roi Uther” organizes to provide the Companies with clean and regularly cleaned toilets and showers. Small straw bales and wood are kept available, fire extinguishers around fire points.
Water points are sufficient and as far as possible electrical connections.

“Le Roi Uther”  is committed to taking all measures to secure the events for both visitors and actors.
Alcohol and drugs in general are prohibited to participate in activities and may, in case of proven facts, generate the immediate return of the person in question, or even his company.
A team of rescuers is present on the events.
A general security plan and a note on security around “battles” are available and disseminated.
To validate participation in projects, all participants must be covered by insurance.

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