Péronnelle de Thouars arranges her protected knighting, Guillaume du Chastel

10 am : Launch of the medieval event with artillery demonstrations.
10:30 am : Demonstration of archery and arbalets.

11:15 am :

Meet and greet delegations who come and attend the celebrations organized by Peronnelle de Thouars, viscountess of Thouars, who is in charge of the castle for Duke Jehan  IV of Montfort.

Each delegation is introduced to Peronnelle who welcomes them. Announcement of the afternoon celebrations : French and Bretons fight in courtois tournaments

2 pm : Demonstrations of pikemen.

2:45 pm : On the pitch facing the Vidame Tower, tournaments start. Teams fight against each other for the flag or for the capture of the other team’s captain. Knights and squires challenge with each other. It always ends up with melees.

Between the maneuvers, some knights or squires could challenge themselves and compete between the lines. Whatever the outcome of the duels the melee resume.

4:30 pm :

The squire (the would-be knight) takes a bath and wears a white gown. He fasts as repentance and spends the evening praying in the chapel, assisted by his godfathers : the Eve of the battle.

5 pm : Artillery demonstrations

5:30 pm : Demonstration of archery and arbalets

Tiffauges castle, viewed from the air
Tiffauges castle entrance gate


The celebration continues …...

10 am : Artillery demonstration.

10:30 am : Demonstration of archery and arbalets.

11:15 am : The knighting ceremony, receiving the belt.

When everyone has come, the squire gets near the altar with the sword at his neck, the priest blesses the sword. He kneels in front of the lord who asks “Why do you wish to become knight ? If you seek for wealth and honour, you are not worthy !”

The young man lays his hand on the book of the gospels and out loud takes oath.

Then the page helps him wear the knight outfit : chain-mail shirt, armour, armband and golden spurs. He then wears the sword. He kneels for the accolade : the lord gives 3 tappings with the flat of the blade on the candidate’s cheek or lays a hand on his neck and says : “in the name of God, of St Michael and St George, I name you knight. Should you be valiant, loyal and generous”.

The squire has to earn his spurs during tournaments.

2 pm : Demonstrations of pikemen.

2:30 pm : The champions who fight in courtois tournaments are introduced to Peronnelle de Thouars and the Duke of Bourbon. The scribe records the names. The herald makes announcement. Ladies can pick their champions.

3 pm : Courtois tournament, only for noble fighters, begins.

The marshal announces the rules of engagement and then the fights begin either in one to one or by team (3 or 5).

4 pm : Once the tournament is over, Peronnelle presents the prize to the victorious

5 pm : Artillery demonstration.

5:30 pm : Demonstration of archery and arbalets.

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Knighting ceremony
Purifier bath ceremony
Vassalage ceremony
Spurs scene
Tie the belt
Courtois fight
Tiffauges, castle lighting

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